Welcome to the Yorkshire West Methodist District

Revd Kerry TankardWe are a people who have the joy of inhabiting God’s Own County, and all that that means. We live in the Dales, in urban centres and everything in between. We were born locally and come from around the world and we live peaceably with our neighbours. We are workers and volunteers, and we are young and retired. We tell stories that reach back through our origins in the 18th century and also stories of what just happened this morning. We are a people who live for God, and for others, and who find ways both mundane and amazing to do that.

In our District you will find the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. They are celebrating this year “40 years of Art Without Walls”. I think we can take inspiration from that and also use it to remind ourselves of who we truly are. We are not about hiding ourselves away, but about being Church, the people of God, without walls. For as much as we gather for time each week to pray, and learn and intentionally attend to God, we spend our lives beyond our buildings, encountering God and sharing in the delight and surprise of God with others.

who holds us and loves us without boundaries,
grant us the eyes to see you,
the ears to hear you,
the openness to be surprised by you
and hearts to love as you love,

The Revd Kerry Tankard, Chair of District